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How to Juggle Domestic Cleaning, Childcare and Parenting for Working Parents


Working after becoming a parent is a balancing act that will definitely take while before you perfect it for most people. However, there are tips you could use to ensure that you combine the family life and your job and stay successful in both. The first thing you could ensure is having specific places and times for key items and tasks. You can institute a system whereby backpacks are packed with all the necessary contents and left by the door before bedtime for example. This will prevent late mornings where the children cannot find their backpacks or homework. If you get baskets and storage bins, you will be able to organize most of the items and avoid tripping over shoes or books.


When you have a rough idea when you are going to tackle tasks, you are going to organize yourself accordingly so that you are calmer during the week. Most mornings are rough for most of the households and if you are able to smooth them out, you will be better organized. This is why it is advisable that you do as much as you can the previous night like setting out clothes to be worn the following morning, pack lunches and diaper bags. Ensure that you wake up before your child does so that you prepare yourself and get the breakfast ready. If you feel less hurried, the better you will be at handling the kids. There are domestic cleaning services that could back you up.


Feed the kids on your own terms and this is going to save you both time and money. Devise a menu plan for the whole week so that when you come back home, you know exactly what you want to cook at get at it without wasting any time. If you do not have time during the week, you should never feel guilty about opting for a take-out meal that everyone will enjoy.


Stockpiling important gear in the important places will also help you get organized. This will help the children get the principle that you store stuff where you will most likely need it so that you save time. If you are working full time, you might not be able to attend all the kids' activities and this is why you need not to feel guilty. It is important that you organize to attend the events that matter the most especially for the ones that are planned prior to the event.


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