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Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a blessing from God, and not all people are blessed with the bundle of joy and those who are, pregnancy bring about great joy and happiness to the family. A woman gets pregnant after having sexual intercourse with a fertile man during her fertility days. Some people will get pregnant and have signs and symptoms that they can t know. You will think you are sick, but the truth is that you got pregnant and you are not aware. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.


  1. Morning Sickness.

The first sign of pregnancy which occurs from as early as two weeks is morning sickness i.e. nausea; this is where you start vomiting every morning for no reason. Many women think they are vomiting because of the food they have eaten. If you suspect you conceived, this is the first sign to tell you that you might be pregnant. Morning sickness is normal in pregnancy, and you should not worry, after the first trimester i.e. 1-3 months; it will disappear, though some doctors will give you medication for it. There are some help you can get, so find childminders in London.


  1. Tender or swollen breasts.

Tenderness on your breasts is among the very first symptoms of pregnancy. Your breasts will start feeling some pains and tingly and will start swelling. It Occurs due to hormonal changes in your body, just as it happens to some women before their monthly periods.


  1. Spotting and Cramping.

One of the symptom and sign of pregnancy is spotting or light vaginal bleeding. This starts after fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus after the fertilization has taken place; this is about 10-14 days. It will be a light spotting with slight cramping like those of menstrual cramping, which will go away after some time.


  1. Mood Swings.

Most women when they conceive becomes very moody, and they get so angry, they start hating certain people, especially their spouses. Usually, it is caused by the changes in hormones, and it happens mostly during the first trimester.


  1. Food cravings.

Food craving is also triggered by the hormonal changes in your body. You will find that some women are attracted to some food such the aroma of the coffee or other types of food. Others will go further to love some restaurants where they believe that the food there, is sweeter than in other places. Food cravings are stronger during the first trimester.


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